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2647 Chili Ave
Rochester, NY, 14624
United States


An open & affirming congregation of the United Church of Christ (UCC) and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). All are welcome! 

Job Openings

Job Openings


Job Summary

Provide keyboard music that supports and enhances the worship experience, lead congregational hymn singing, and accompany the choir at Community Christian Church (CCC).

The following basic core competencies are recommended for the musical accompanist:

  • Skilled Pianist

  • Moderately proficient organist (at minimum)

  • Technical Musical Skills/Knowledge

  • Knowledge of sacred music for Organ and Piano

Specific duties of the Organist/Pianist/Accompanist:

  1. Play suitable music and accompany congregation and choirs/soloists during regular and special worship services. Regular services include one Sunday service each week, plus one service on Christmas Eve and Monday and Thursday evening.

  2. Select and coordinate organ and piano music for all components of worship service; prelude, offertory, communion, postlude, and other musical components as needed. The congregational music will generally be selected by the pastor.

  3. The musical accompanist will be responsible for accompanying the choir during weekly rehearsals; a 75 minute rehearsal Wednesday evenings and a 15 minute rehearsal Sunday mornings. Choir rehearsals begin the last Wednesday in August and end the second week in June. The Choir participates in worship from the second Sunday of September until the last Sunday in June.

  4. Provide accompaniment for special programs typically scheduled once/twice per year.

  5. Monitor the organ and piano regularly, alerting the pastor of any irregularities.

  6. Serve as primary accompanist for all weddings and funerals at CCC. The musical accompanist has the first right of refusal. If exercised he/she shall recommend a suitable substitute unless a guest accompanist is requested by the family. Guest accompanists may use the church instruments only after prior arrangements have been made with the musical accompanist.

  7. The musical accompanist meets regularly with the Pastor and/or the Choir Director to discuss the musical program supporting the worship service.

An Allen electric organ is used for most service music; copious sheet music for organ is available.

The 22 member choir is typically accompanied on piano. Anthems by Joseph Martin, Pepper Choplin, Allen Pote, John Rutter, and Mark Hayes are representative of the music performed by this group.

Salary and Benefits

The salary for this position is $7,000 annually; paid in twenty-six semi-monthly installments (1st & 15th), subject to normal FICA and withholding taxes. The accompanist may charge an additional fee for weddings, funerals and memorial services directly to the people requesting such music.

This position provides 4 Sundays off annually, two of which can be taken between September and June.

Please provide resume and/or letter of interest noting related experience to:

Anticipated start date: July 1, 2019

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