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2647 Chili Ave
Rochester, NY, 14624
United States


An open & affirming congregation of the United Church of Christ (UCC) and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). All are welcome! 

Our Values

Our Values

Abundant Love 

God is love, and we are called to love one another. We strive to be a community that respects each other and values different gifts, perspectives, & ideas.

Volunteers at Frontier Field

Volunteers at Frontier Field

All Are Welcome

Jesus didn't reject anyone, and neither do we. YOU are welcome here - sinners & saints, young & old; singles & families; queer & straight; female, transgender, & male; introverts & extroverts; seekers, questioners, & lifelong believers. We are an open & affirming congregation. and we're working to make our building fully handicap accessible.

God Is Still Speaking

We believe that God is still speaking, and the Bible is a valuable way to be in conversation with God. We take the Bible seriously, considering the context, the authors, and the intended audience. We also read other spiritual writings and listen to one another's stories so that we can listen for God in our everyday lives.


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We're on a Spiritual Journey

We enjoy sharing our individual faith journeys with each other, and we don't expect conformity. We don't have any creeds or sets of beliefs that you have to agree to. Questions are welcomed and encouraged. We aren't afraid to wrestle with the ambiguities of what it means to be a Christian. 


    Ann & Dan Davison

    Ann & Dan Davison

    Community Christian Church encourages examination of faith and individual differences in belief, while still functioning as a cohesive, vibrant Christian community. We love this church because not only is it not threatened by these individual differences, it respects both them and the intellectual and spiritual uniqueness of each member.
    — Ann & Dan Davison